Teia is featured in Sweden


From the 25th to the 30th of October, Teia will be the highlight of the 7th edition of Brasil Cine – Scandinavia’s Brazilian Film Festival, in Stockholm.

The 2012’s edition, which presents successful Brazilian short and long features from the last few years, brings Marília Rocha as a guest director. There will also be a screening of Swril on the opening night.

In addition to Clarissa Campolina and Helvécio Marins Jr’s film, the Festival will also show three of Marília Rocha’s works: the films Cattle Callers, Like water through stone,and the 12-minute-long episode done by the director for the project Dead End (Descaminhos), of the film producer company Camisa Listrada.

Marília will also take part of the event’s program holding a workshop on her creative processes and experiences as a filmmaker. You can’t miss it!

Check the Festival’s full program:

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