The Instituto Moreira Salles dedicates exhibition to Teia’s 10 years


After being the great honoree at CineBH, now it is the time for Teia to receive distinction outside its home State. During the month of December, Instituto Moreira Salles, in Rio de Janeiro, will show a number of its productions in an exhibition that will esteem its 10 years of activity.

The event promoted by IMS will contemplate films done by the 6 producers and also by Helvécio Marins Jr, a former member, bringing a panorama of what the group’s production was in the last decade.

Besides the exhibition “10 Anos Teia” (10 Years Teia), during this month the Instituto will also promote the exhibition “Amor à segunda vista” (Love at Second Sight), which brings films resulted from the partnership between the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman and the actress Liv Ullmann. You can’t miss it!

IMS is located at Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 476, Gávea.

Click here to access the full program.