Luana Melgaço

Meraki (v.) fazer algo com alma, criatividade ou amor. Colocar algo de si mesmo em seu trabalho.


Luana Melgaço lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and dedicated herself to film production. Partner of Anavilhana production company since 2008 and member of Teia from 2010 to 2014, Luana produced short films, features and documentaries in partnership with Brazilian filmmakers as Clarissa Campolina, Helvécio Marins Jr, Marcos Pimentel, Marilia Rocha, Sergio Borges, among others. She has produced over 20 films, which were screened and awarded in the most important Brazilian festivals (It’s All True, Brasília Film Festival, Rio Film Festival) and international festivals (Venice, Toronto, San Sebastian, Locarno, Rotterdam).
As a producer, she presented projects and participated in important international co-production meetings as Cinemart (Rotterdam Festival, Netherlands), Co-Production Forum Europe-Latin America (San Sebastian, Spain); BAL (BAFICI Festival, Argentina), Pitching du Réel (Film Documentaries Festival Vision du Réel, Switzerland), Brazil CineMundi (CineBH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Rotterdam Lab; besides screenplays laboratories as BRLab (São Paulo Film Series, Brazil), 3 Puertos (Bafici and Valdivia). The films produced by the professional won awards and were screened in national and international festivals, released in movie theaters, DVD and also in television and VOD.
Luana has recently released the feature film A cidade onde envelheço [Where I grow old], directed by Marilia Rocha, at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hivos Tiger Awards Competition; a co-production with the Portuguese company Terratreme, supported by Tribeca Blomberg Fellow and World Cinema Fund. Besides Rotterdam, Where I grow old was screened at the main film festivals of San Sebastian, Biarritz, Odessa, Munique and Brasilia, which earned the film the prizes for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.
Producer of Girimunho [Swirl], directed by Helvécio Marins Jr. and Clarissa Campolina, a co-production with Dezenove production company (Brazil), Autentika Films (Germany) and Eddie Saeta (Spain). The film was supported by Hubert Bals Fund, Ibermedia and World Cinema Fund. It had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 and also got awarded at festivals in Venice, Mar Del Plata, Nantes, Havana, among others. Distributed in theatres in Brazil, Spain, France and Argentina. Theatrical release was in 2012.

Producer of the feature film O Céu Sobre os Ombros [The sky above] directed by Sergio Borges, winner of the Festival de Brasília in 2010, with awards of best film, best director, screenplay, editing and special prize for the actors. The film had its international debut in Tiger Awards Competition, Festival Rotterdam (2011). It was distributed in movie theatres in Brazil, Portugal and Mexico.

Producer of the feature film A Falta que me Faz [Like Water through Stone] directed by Marilia Rocha. It was awarded as best film at the Latin American Film Festival of São Paulo (2010). Released in Brazilian theatres in 2010 and also in DVD by Lume Filmes (2011).

Producer of eight documentaries by Marcos Pimentel, including his first feature film Sopro[Breath] (which was released in 04th of December, 2014), and the short films Sanã[Sana] and A Poeira e o vento[The Dust and the wind]. This last one was the winner of the Brazilian Film Festival It´s All True in 2011, besides Horizontes Mínimos, a project that represents Brazil in the program III DOCTV Latin America, showed in public televisions of 16 countries in the American Continent.
The producer is currently engaged in the production of Kevin, feature by Joana Oliveira, in the distribution of Coiote, feature by Sergio Borges, and in the development of Saudade, by Marcos Pimentel, shooting in 2018. She is currently involved in the projects Faraway Song, by Clarissa Campolina, and Royal Court, by Julia de Simone, both in screenplay development stage. She is the producer of a collaborative script writing program called Núcleos Criativos with other 15 professionals from Brazil.


Where I grow old (Marília Rocha)
Brazil | 2016 | 99'

Breath (Marcos Pimentel) 
Brazil | 2013 | 73'

Sana (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil | 2013 | 18' 

Shaky but steady (Leonardo Barcelos)
Brazil | 2012 | 77’

Swirl (Clarissa Campolina, Helvécio Marins Jr)
Brazil, Germany, Spain | 2011 | 90’

Asleep (Clarissa Campolina)
Brazil | 2011 | 6’

Century (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil l | 2011 | 11’

The dust and the wind (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil | 2011 | 18’

The sky above (Sergio Borges)
Brazil | 2010 | 71’

Taba (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil | 2010 | 16’

Fall (Pablo Lobato)
Brazil l | 2010 | 14’35

Like water through Stone (Marilia Rocha)
Brazil | 2009 | 85’

Polis (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil | 2009 | 22’

Acacio (Marilia Rocha)
Brazil, Portugal, Angola | 2008 | 88’

The body’s architecture (Marcos Pimentel)
Brazil | 2008 | 21’

Autumn (Pablo Lobato)
Brazil | 2007 | 21’15

Passage (Clarissa Campolina, Helvécio Marins Jr)
Brazil | 2006 | 16’