Leonardo Barcelos

Graduated in Social Communication at UFMG and Post-Graduate in New Technologies and Hypermedia in UNI-BH, as well as workshop taught at universities in Belgium and France, Leonardo Barcelos has directed and wrote the script for a series, one feature film and six short films. His works were exhibited in more than 40 countries and awarded in several important national and international festivals. His first feature film “Shaky but Steady“, released in 2012, achieved a significant career in festivals.

Production Company
Tandera Filmes is a judicial branch of Espaço Teia, one of the most expressive groups that  currently work with cinema in Brazil. The company focuses on the development and production of projects (films or series) for Cinema and TV, but also works in partnership with other artistic ranges, such as Music, Fine Arts, Performance and Theatre. The director, Leonardo Barcelos, has recently released the feature length film “Shaky but Steady”, selected to important national and international festivals, and screened in seven countries.

New Project - Present Body
The feature length documentary Present Body investigates identity issues and artistic dimensions within the body, creative act par excellence, as well as the expressive and political ones. It will introduce several works of art, artists and intellectuals who reflect about these themes. The research draws attention to the body’s symbolisms on contemporary artistic expressions, particularly Performance, pointed by specialists as an ideology of our time. We focus on the creative process of the performers, who create singular universes using different mediums. This process raises new discourses that move around and inhabit the contemporary imagination, embracing gender and identity issues, social conflicts, cultural interdicts, science, technology and bioart.
The multiple bodies (which are part of Present Body) are political bodies that create and propose new universes, pointing to new ways of existing and being in the world. Besides the artwork, we’re interested in a close connection between video and performance, enriching the scope of poetic construction, inventing new processes of significance and visually elaborating the idea of body.